The Connected Car: Connecting to the Rest of Your Life 1

One thing is clear; the next generation car will be a connected car. The exact definition of a connected car is the subject of some debate but almost everyone agrees it entails some form of internet connectivity creating the potential for a rather significant component within the so-called “Internet of Things”. For certain, we are […]

Chesapeake Hosts First Mid-Atlantic Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow

The inaugural Mid-Atlantic Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow concluded in Chesapeake, Virginia this past Friday following a four stop tour that began in Maryland’s Baltimore County and Montgomery County before traveling to Richmond and finally Chesapeake, Virginia. Though the attendance in Chesapeake was somewhat sparse (as opposed to the other sites), the roadshow was informative with […]

Is Aluminum the Holy Grail for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles? 3

Those of us with car experience that dates back to the 70’s may well remember the challenges of using aluminum in a vehicle’s powerplant as exemplified by the ill-fated aluminum engine block used in Chevy’s Vega. The prime motivation for its use of course was the substantial weight reduction offered by aluminum over cast iron. […]

Graphene: an EV Enabler and Solver of All World Problems

I first learned of graphene in early 2012 while researching the status of carbon nanotube commercialization. At that time, CNTs were the darlings of science and technology with seemingly endless possibilities. Since that time however, graphene, a sheet of carbon one atom thick, has apparently supplanted CNTs as one of the most hyped materials to […]

Electric Vehicles and Solar Power; an EVPV Convergence

An especially intriguing saga to watch unfold is the apparent convergence of electric vehicles and solar power, or as puts it, EV + PV (for photovoltaic solar power). These two technologies offering an intriguing combo have a similar history going all the way back to their roots in the 1800’s. Now, they are both poised […]

Will Utilities Finally Take the Lead on EV Adoption?

It should be no secret that several entities are particularly crucial to the successful proliferation of electric vehicles. Government agencies, automotive manufacturers, research centers, and even tourism play important roles in advancing what is still considered a fledgling industry. But perhaps no entity plays a more important role than electric utilities. Not only do they […]

The Future of Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid 1

According to a recent tweet from NRG’s eVgo (@nrgevgo), their analyst data states that over $48 billion has been invested in electric vehicles worldwide. Though the tweet did not elaborate over what timeframe this investment has been made, one can assume it is likely since 2010 when the EV market began its latest resurgence and […]

What Can EV Chargers Gain From ATMs? 1

I recently encountered a tweet picturing an NRG eVgo charger due for replacement with a sign posted saying as much. Unfortunately, eVgo had messed up the charging rate nomenclature on the warning sign (perhaps a sign of the still maturing market). The snafu prompted a reply from an EV savvy tweeter correcting their mistake.  What […]

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles: Where’s the Holy Grail? 6

Thanks to a retweet by the Electric Drive Transportation Association (@ElectricDrive), I happened to view a YouTube video just released by Hyundai promoting what they say is the first volume production fuel cell vehicle; their Tucson Fuel Cell (aka HydrogenEV). Indeed, though over 20 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) prototype and demonstration cars have […]

Electric Vehicle Challenges Mirror Mobile Phone History

Observing today’s electric vehicle challenges reminds me a lot of the early days of the mobile phone (or cell phone, as it was originally called). There are several parallels, which mean EVs are somewhat restrictive today but harbinger great things if they progress anything close to that of the mobile phone. “Cell” phones were initially only […]