About NextGenCar.com

Steve Yakshe, Editor


As much as we might love our gasoline-burning cars, compelling forces are conspiring to render them mere exhibits in history museums around the globe in the next 50 years or so.

This site explores the development and proliferation of alternatively fueled vehicles as well as other endeavors to create the “Next Generation Car” that we (or more likely our children) will be driving by then. You may find that most articles pertain to electric vehicles (EVs). This is not necessarily because the author(s) have a predisposition towards electric cars but the industry and governments alike are pouring a majority of resources into EV development at this time in history. NextGenCar.com, however, is always on the lookout for some emerging alternative that might be a game changer. Check back often or sign up for our RSS feeds to stay on top of all the happenings in the “pursuit of the car of the future.”