Alternative Fuel for Cars: an Ocean of Fuel?

512px-OceanbubblecloudEver on the lookout for technological innovations that might lead to the next generation of cars, I’ve come across an extremely interesting possible alternative fuel for cars implanted in a vehicle dubbed the e-Sportlimousine by Liechtenstein-based startup, Qant. The name is misleading because this concept vehicle is anything but a limousine. Using an energy source called a Nanoflowcell (a flow battery), this car offers 900 HP to go from 0-60 MPH in 2.8 secs. With gull wing doors and a super sleek monocoque (body and chassis are one), the car employs electric drive motors on all four wheels to power it at top speeds in excess of 200 mph.

Flow batteries generate electricity by passing ionic liquids (supercharged salt water, in this case) on each side of a membrane to release electrons into two supercapacitors, which in turn power the drive motors. provides a nice description of the technology though Qant hasn’t divulged the full recipe for the secret sauce. Qant indicates the car has a driving range between 250 to 375 miles from the two 200 liter onboard tanks. Once the water is no longer supercharged, the tanks must be emptied and refilled. The time to do so though should be a fraction of the time needed to electrically recharge a typical battery assuming one can find a station.

Equally impressive is the marketing of the car. Qant has a very slick (though somewhat tricky to navigate) website and an even slicker YouTube video. I’m not sure whether the video or the car is more impressive but you can decide.

The car was just approved for testing on German (and European) roads but don’t’ look for the car to be on sale any time soon. Qant plans to complete the homologation process (officially certifying the car is roadworthy) by 2016, with production sometime after that. I’m sure the line to test drive the car is all ready starting to form.

About Steve Yakshe

As President and CEO of a mid-sized technology company engaged in instrumentation to monitor the world’s water resources, I developed a passion for protecting and enhancing the environment we all share. Following the sale of that company, I’ve combined this with my passion for cars to research and promote the Next Generation Car that will transport us cleanly and without detriment to our world’s ecosystem.

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