The Avenue of Electric Vehicles

On a somewhat related topic to yesterday’s article on Solar Roadways, Volvo along with the Swedish Transport Administration is looking into electric roads that could inductively charge electric city buses as they travel. The two are considering building a 300-500 meter section of road in central Gothenburg to test the idea. According to TriplePundit, a business/economy website for people, planet and profit, Volvo is inaugurating a new bus line dubbed ElectriCity between Chalmers and Lindholmen in Gothenburg in 2015 to gain more knowledge on charging and powering such heavy electric vehicles. You can read more about it at TriplPundit’s website.

About Steve Yakshe

As President and CEO of a mid-sized technology company engaged in instrumentation to monitor the world’s water resources, I developed a passion for protecting and enhancing the environment we all share. Following the sale of that company, I’ve combined this with my passion for cars to research and promote the Next Generation Car that will transport us cleanly and without detriment to our world’s ecosystem.

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