Natural Gas (NGVs)

Chesapeake Hosts First Mid-Atlantic Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The inaugural Mid-Atlantic Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow concluded in Chesapeake, Virginia this past Friday following a four stop tour that began in Maryland’s Baltimore County and Montgomery County before traveling to Richmond and finally Chesapeake, Virginia. Though the attendance in Chesapeake was somewhat sparse (as opposed to the other sites), the […]

Natural Gas Vehicles Still Alive and Kicking

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn There is no denying the fast-growing appeal of electric vehicles (EVs). There are now over 226,000 plug-in vehicles on US roads with nine manufacturers offering 17 highway-capable models to choose from. According to DOE, the number of EV charging stations has swelled to 8,452 nationally not including another 20,552 charging outlets. […]

Who’s Pumped about Natural Gas Vehicles? 2

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn A friend of mine asked me the other day why the US doesn’t invest in passenger cars that run on natural gas since we now have so much of it. He pointed out that New York City has been purchasing vehicles such as buses that do. Since I’ve had my head […]