Electric Vehicles and Solar Power; an EVPV Convergence

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn An especially intriguing saga to watch unfold is the apparent convergence of electric vehicles and solar power, or as puts it, EV + PV (for photovoltaic solar power). These two technologies offering an intriguing combo have a similar history going all the way back to their roots in the 1800’s. Now, […]

The Future of Electric Vehicles and the Smart Grid 1

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn According to a recent tweet from NRG’s eVgo (@nrgevgo), their analyst data states that over $48 billion has been invested in electric vehicles worldwide. Though the tweet did not elaborate over what timeframe this investment has been made, one can assume it is likely since 2010 when the EV market began […]

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles: Where’s the Holy Grail? 6

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Thanks to a retweet by the Electric Drive Transportation Association (@ElectricDrive), I happened to view a YouTube video just released by Hyundai promoting what they say is the first volume production fuel cell vehicle; their Tucson Fuel Cell (aka HydrogenEV). Indeed, though over 20 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) prototype […]

Solar Roadways: Pounding the Pavement

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn All of us are familiar with how hot an asphalt pavement can become when the sun is shining especially in the summer. What if we were able to harness all that energy on every road and parking lot throughout the world? As it happens, an out-of-the-box endeavor is currently underway to […]