Electric Motorcycle Racing Record Shattered in Prestigious Isle of Man TT Zero


For obvious reasons, we haven’t talked much about next generation motorcycles here at NextGenCar.com but it is interesting to note that the 5th installment of the annual Isle of Man TT Zero race was held last week in the UK. The race is part of the prestigious Man Tourist Trophy race that dates as far back as 1905. In 2010, the TT Zero category was added to the event to showcase motorcycles powered “without the use of carbon-based fuels and have zero toxic/noxious emissions.” The Man government offered a £10,000 prize to the first entrant to exceed 100 mph average around the mountainous 37.73 mile course. That was accomplished in 2012 by three individuals all on electric motorcycles with the race winner being Michael Rutter at 104.056 mph. This year’s winner, John McGuinness, shattered the previous record of 109.675 (also set by Rutter) with an average of 117.366 mph. Electric motorcycle times still have a ways to go to approach the lap record for any category of 132.298 mph set by Bruce Anstey in the Outright category in this year’s race. As it happens, Anstey was second in the TT Zero category.

For more information on the race, check out Isle of Man TT’s website


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