Next Generation Car Technology that can Run for 100 Years Without Refueling!


Monazite; the Primary Source for Thorium

As mentioned, is always on the lookout for game-changing Next Generation Car engine technology. Could a Thorium-powered car be just that? Thorium is a radioactive metal named after the Norse god Thor that is said to have been a better alternative than Uranium (but we know which one won out). One gram has more energy than 7,396 gallons of gasoline and only 8 grams are needed for 100 years of fuel. Concept cars have been made by Cadillac and a company named Laser Power Systems. The LPS car uses the Thorium to power a laser that turns water into steam to drive a turbine electrical generator. Sounds like the ultimate hybrid vehicle!

About Steve Yakshe

As President and CEO of a mid-sized technology company engaged in instrumentation to monitor the world’s water resources, I developed a passion for protecting and enhancing the environment we all share. Following the sale of that company, I’ve combined this with my passion for cars to research and promote the Next Generation Car that will transport us cleanly and without detriment to our world’s ecosystem.

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