Is Electric Vehicle Battery Improvement the Only Pursuit? 1

Thanks to Tesla’s meteoric rise in public consciousness, many of us have become enamored with the surging electric vehicle industry. But where is this endeavor really taking us? With much of the industry’s energy being spent on tackling the primary criticism, electric vehicle battery limitations, it’s worth exploring some possible ramifications surrounding this effort. There have […]

Alternative Fuel for Cars: an Ocean of Fuel?

Ever on the lookout for technological innovations that might lead to the next generation of cars, I’ve come across an extremely interesting possible alternative fuel for cars implanted in a vehicle dubbed the e-Sportlimousine by Liechtenstein-based startup, Qant. The name is misleading because this concept vehicle is anything but a limousine. Using an energy source […]

Natural Gas Vehicles Still Alive and Kicking

There is no denying the fast-growing appeal of electric vehicles (EVs). There are now over 226,000 plug-in vehicles on US roads with nine manufacturers offering 17 highway-capable models to choose from. According to DOE, the number of EV charging stations has swelled to 8,452 nationally not including another 20,552 charging outlets.  With the Tesla Model […]

EV Charging in Historic Coastal Virginia

Coastal Virginia (known locally as Hampton Roads), is comprised of five counties and nine independent cities from Virginia Beach to Williamsburg. The area is home to about 1.7 million residents and covers approximately 530 square miles. It is most notable for its 400 year history including the first successful English settlement at Jamestown and the birth […]

Two EVs: Environment Virginia and Electric Vehicles

Environment Virginia was nice enough to invite me to contribute to their press event yesterday where they unveiled their report, “Driving Cleaner: More Electric Vehicles Mean Less Pollution.” Sarah Bucci, Environment Virginia’s Campaign Director, coordinated the event with contribution also from Michael Phillips, Program Coordinator for Virginia Clean Cities. The event was held at Solar […]

Using PlugShare Highlights EV Charging Issues of Drivers and Businesses Alike 1

Looking for an EV charging location in Virginia Beach using PlugShare the other day highlighted several of the challenges both EV drivers and businesses continue to confront. In this case, I found a charger located at Whole Foods on Laskin Road in Virginia Beach. For anyone who’s been to a Whole Foods store, it’s worth […]

Next Generation Car Technology that can Run for 100 Years Without Refueling!

As mentioned, is always on the lookout for game-changing Next Generation Car engine technology. Could a Thorium-powered car be just that? Thorium is a radioactive metal named after the Norse god Thor that is said to have been a better alternative than Uranium (but we know which one won out). One gram has more […]

Tesla’s Car Distribution Model is Not New but it is Groundbreaking

It’s always interesting to go back and review past studies to refresh our understanding of the situation under study at that time and to see what predictions were made going forward. The same is true for a May 2009 Economic Analysis Group paper on the effects of state bans on direct auto sales to car […]

Regulations at all Levels Still Inhibit EV Adoption 2

In reading through Richmond, Virginia’s REVi Readiness Plan of March 2013, some interesting inhibitors to wide-spread adoption of electric vehicle (EV) are highlighted. The Richmond Electric Vehicle Initiative (REVi) Readiness Plan is a joint effort between the City of Richmond and its surrounding communities, the Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals, and Energy, Virginia Clean Cities, […]

What is Not Being Written about a Proposed Road Use Tax? 1

State government transportation agencies are facing major changes in the way they have to fund road construction and maintenance. The model of taxing gasoline as a form of usage tax has, for some time now, been a flawed strategy in light of increasingly fuel-efficient vehicles. According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, revenue […]