Living with a Nissan Leaf in Coastal Virginia 2

For those who don’t know, is based out of Poquoson, Virginia; the smallest city within what is now being dubbed as Coastal Virginia (a.k.a. Hampton Roads). Here is not exactly a hot bed of electric vehicle (EV) activity though there is a very small EV manufacturer based in the area, which I’ll highlight at […]

Alcoa, Phinergy, and Quebec Partner on Aluminum Air Battery Development 2

Ever bite into Aluminum foil? Do you get that funny tingling feeling when you do? That’s energy being released from the Aluminum when in contact with the air and your saliva. That’s the basic premise behind the technology used in a developing battery being touted for many uses not the least of which is electric […]

Electric Motorcycle Racing Record Shattered in Prestigious Isle of Man TT Zero

For obvious reasons, we haven’t talked much about next generation motorcycles here at but it is interesting to note that the 5th installment of the annual Isle of Man TT Zero race was held last week in the UK. The race is part of the prestigious Man Tourist Trophy race that dates as far […]

Tesla Making Progress on Direct Sales Model 2

Tesla continues to whittle away at state laws that ban direct sales of automobiles. Last fall, Tesla was able to reach agreement with Virginia and its automobile dealers association to open a single store in Fairfax. A move to ban direct sales in Missouri died on the vine this past May and Tesla is now […]

Stunning Multi-State Zero Emission Vehicle Program Will Alter Car Landscape 1

Last week, the ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) Program Implementation Task Force published its Multi-State ZEV Action Plan; a “roadmap” to put at least 3.3 million ZEVs on the combined roadways of member states by 2025. The task force is the result of an October 24, 2013 Memorandum of Understanding agreed to by the eight states […]

Racing Electrics!

One very exciting development is the “formulation” of the first ever electric car race, Formula E (aka e-Prix). The race is sanctioned by FIA, French for the International Automobile Federation; the same organization that licenses and arbitrates Formula 1 racing. Formula E is intended to be the highest level of competition for single-seat, electrically powered […]

The Avenue of Electric Vehicles

On a somewhat related topic to yesterday’s article on Solar Roadways, Volvo along with the Swedish Transport Administration is looking into electric roads that could inductively charge electric city buses as they travel. The two are considering building a 300-500 meter section of road in central Gothenburg to test the idea. According to TriplePundit, […]

Solar Roadways: Pounding the Pavement

All of us are familiar with how hot an asphalt pavement can become when the sun is shining especially in the summer. What if we were able to harness all that energy on every road and parking lot throughout the world? As it happens, an out-of-the-box endeavor is currently underway to do just that by […]

Electric Vehicle History Repeats Itself

The history of electric cars can be found just about anywhere on the internet with Wikipedia certainly being one of them. Depending on which site you land on, there may be more or less content about the history that happened outside the country in which the site derives. However, if you take the time to […]

Pucker Up to Ride Google’s Self-Driving Prototype

Last Tuesday, Google unveiled their steering wheel and pedal deprived car designed entirely by themselves. The electric car uses a multitude of sensors and lasers to guide itself through streets and traffic with no interaction by the passenger. As any pilot who’s relied on terrain-following technology will tell you, it takes a lot to put your faith […]