Pucker Up to Ride Google’s Self-Driving Prototype

Last Tuesday, Google unveiled their steering wheel and pedal deprived car designed entirely by themselves. The electric car uses a multitude of sensors and lasers to guide itself through streets and traffic with no interaction by the passenger. As any pilot who’s relied on terrain-following technology will tell you, it takes a lot to put your faith in the hands of technology. However, the success of this project presents wonderful possibilities for those who are impaired (either physically or through self-induced impairment). You can read more about it at The Guardian or watch the YouTube video of peoples reaction to riding in it for the first time.

About Steve Yakshe

As President and CEO of a mid-sized technology company engaged in instrumentation to monitor the world’s water resources, I developed a passion for protecting and enhancing the environment we all share. Following the sale of that company, I’ve combined this with my passion for cars to research and promote the Next Generation Car that will transport us cleanly and without detriment to our world’s ecosystem.

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